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East Africa

Our Work in East Africa

The East Africa region faces many health risks that transcend borders. The health and development context within the region emphasizes strengthening cross-border health systems and tapping into a strong network of regional intergovernmental organizations (RIGOs), who play a convening role in previous and ongoing health investments. Gender inequity in the region continues to shape power and decision-making in the region and as such gender equality work is of high priority. Additionally, youth – and increasing their representation in decision-making roles – is of utmost importance. Family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) goals need to be met within the framework of these priorities, and knowledge management (KM) has a big role to play in this work. The goal for Knowledge SUCCESS in East Africa is to improve access to and quality of FP/RH programs by strengthening KM capacities for audiences ranging from practitioners and health care organizations to policymakers.

We’re sharing country and regional experiences.

We publish technical content highlighting FP/RH programs and experiences from the East Africa region.

We’re connecting East Africans for peer-to-peer learning.

We manage TheCollaborative, a regional community of practice for FP/RH professionals.

We’re training a new generation of KM champions.

We conduct regular trainings on key KM techniques for people working in FP/RH programs throughout the region.

We’re infusing KM within national FP/RH frameworks.

We partner with governments and other stakeholders to incorporate KM activities into their national FP/RH policies and frameworks, like FP2030 re-commitments.

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We work primarily in USAID family planning priority countries. Is your country not listed? Contact us. We’d be happy to explore a potential collaboration.

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Road map illustration to reach FP/RH initiatives
Stephen on a motor scooter.
Illustration of a brain with images of science books, microscope, syringe, data charts above as resources that feed the mind.
An infographic of people staying connecting over the internet
Dugongs, a type of large marine mammal, being released by the community of Maliangin, Malaysia within the Maliangin marine sanctuary.
Group of diverse individuals joined together in unity
Dugongs, a type of large marine mammal, being released by the community of Maliangin, Malaysia within the Maliangin marine sanctuary.
timeline A health worker provides injectable contraception to a woman in Nepal
People walking on a street during daytime. Photo credit: gemmmm/Unsplash
USAID partners with countries across sub-Saharan Africa to reduce vulnerabilities to climate change and making economies and livelihoods more resilient. Photo Credit: Herve Irankunda, USAID in Africa.
Illustration of people from around the world exchanging knowledge
An illustration representing four people discussing a pie chart displaying family planning and reproductive health data
touch_app “I feel stronger and I have time to look after all my children,” says Viola, a mother of six who accessed family planning services for the first time in 2016. Image credit: Sheena Ariyapala/Department for International Development (DFID), from Flickr Creative Commons
Illustration of mobile phones exchanging reproductive health information
Group of diverse individuals joined together in unity
South Sudanese Mothers
A landscape image of a village near the dry salt lake Eyasi in northern Tanzania. Image credit: Pixabay user jambogyuri
Photo by CDC at Unsplash.
Photo Credit: World Bank / Ousmane Traore

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East Africa Resources

Meet the East Africa Regional Team

Irene Alenga

Irene Alenga

Irene is a Knowledge Management and Communications Lead at Amref Health Africa’s Institute of Capacity Development.

Diana Mukami

Diana Mukami

Diana is the Digital Learning Director and Head of Programmes at Amref Health Africa’s Institute of Capacity Development.

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Collins Otieno

Collins Otieno

Collins is a FP/RH Technical Officer at Amref Health Africa’s Institute of Capacity Development.

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Liz Tully

Elizabeth Tully (“Liz”)

Liz is a Senior Program Officer at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs.

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Natalie Apcar

Natalie Apcar

Natalie is a Program Officer II at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communications Programs.

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Events in the East Africa Region

Our team hosts regular webinars on relevant FP/RH topics for the East Africa region. We also host trainings on knowledge management approaches and tools.

Upcoming Events for East Africa