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West Africa

Our Work in West Africa

In the past, there has been a tendency across West Africa for each country to conduct their own family planning (FP) pilot before making bold policy improvements such as authorizing task-sharing or self-injection of the injectable contraceptive DMPA-SC. This impression that each country’s operating environment is unique enough to require its own pilot has for many years been enforced by a lack of information sharing beyond formal end-of-project reports that take many years to appear and are not written as how-to guides to start a program. A series of similar pilots repeated in one country after another is one example of how a lack of efficient information sharing can slow progress and waste time and funds, ultimately affecting quality of care.

The Knowledge SUCCESS West Africa team addresses these challenges by using knowledge management (KM) tools and techniques to improve documentation, and information sharing, use, and dissemination, to make programs more effective and promote best practices and lessons learned. Appreciation for this model of KM as a tool to achieve a country’s FP goals is increasing at national and regional levels.

FP/RH Documentation

We document and share lessons from FP/RH program implementation, in collaboration with FP/RH partners in West Africa.

CIP support

We support Ministries of Health to integrate KM activities and indicators into their new costed implementation plans (CIPs).

KM Advocacy

We collaborate with regional leaders, like the Ouagadougou Partnership, to promote and use KM tools as a means to advance FP goals in the region.

KM Skills Advancement

We conduct KM trainings  in response to demand from partners who want to more effectively use the latest FP/RH knowledge, tools, and guidelines.

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We work primarily in USAID family planning priority countries. Is your country not listed here? Contact us. We’d be happy to explore a potential collaboration.

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Mother in Sylla Diongto, Senegal holding her infant in a purple cloth.
Mother in Sylla Diongto, Senegal holding her infant in a purple cloth.
A group of African men and women sitting down. Photo credit: Neil Freeman for Alliance
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West Africa Resources

Meet the West Africa Team

Pour nos collègues francophones : veuillez noter que tous les membres de l’équipe d’Afrique de l’Ouest parlent français.

Aïssatou Thioye

Aissatou Thioye

Aissatou is the West Africa Knowledge Management and Partnerships Officer for Knowledge SUCCESS and a member of FHI 360’s Research and Technical Unit. She is based in Senegal.

Alison Bodenheimer image

Alison Bodenheimer Gatto

Alison is the Technical Advisor for Knowledge SUCCESS and a member of FHI 360’s Research and Technical Unit. She is based in the U.S.


Sophie Weiner

Sophie is a Program Officer at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. She is based in the U.S.



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Upcoming West Africa Events

Our team hosts webinars on relevant FP/RH topics for the West Africa region. We also host trainings on knowledge management approaches and tools.

Upcoming Events for West Africa