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Spotlight on FP2030 Family Planning Commitments

Knowledge SUCCESS and FP2030 Share Commitment-making Processes, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned

FP2030 has a long-standing dedication to knowledge management (KM). KM is the practice of collecting knowledge and information, organizing it, connecting others to it, and making it easier for people to use. Through a long-term partnership, FP2030 and Knowledge SUCCESS have used KM techniques to summarize country commitments in shareable formats that anyone can easily understand and expand documentation expertise among FP2030 Focal Points.

Case Study: A Look at Commitment Process

To better understand the country commitment process and share best practices and lessons learned, FP2030 and Knowledge SUCCESS developed a case study featuring nine distinct country experiences across the world (Rwanda, Nigeria, Benin, Madagascar, Niger, Uganda, South Sudan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Pakistan). Sharing commitment-making experiences, similar to documenting program efforts, is vital to expand the evidence-base about what works and what doesn’t, reduce duplication of efforts, and demonstrate impact and sustainability. As a part of this process, Knowledge SUCCESS, in collaboration with paid youth and civil society organization (CSO) FP2030 Focal Points from Nepal, Ghana, Kenya, and Cameroon conducted interviews with key stakeholders in each country, identified key themes, and summarized these experiences, lessons learned, and best practices in a case study brief.

The case study also includes specific recommendations for countries who are interested in creating an FP2030 commitment, or who are in the process of creating their FP2030 commitment. Learning from others is often a vital way to incorporate innovative strategies to local contexts and connect with other FP/RH professionals. 

The collaboration with youth and CSO focal points was an intentional and systematic collaboration to ensure that the case study process incorporated perspectives from those most intimately involved in country commitment processes. Developing interview questions, conducting interviews, analyzing themes and summarizing them into a case study brief benefited enormously from their perspectives and leadership. Throughout the collaboration with the youth and CSO focal points, Knowledge SUCCESS provided mentorship on writing and documentation on techniques that make it more likely documentation will be used—such as the use of plain language, visuals, and short formats. 

Simplifying Commitments to Share with Stakeholders and Donors

One of the other ways in which Knowledge SUCCESS has supported FP2030 in their KM efforts is through the creation of commitment infographics. In response to a requests by the FP2030 regional hubs to have an easy way to share Government FP2030 commitments with stakeholders and donors to be able to gain support and engagement, the FP2030 North America and Europe Hub and Knowledge SUCCESS created commitment infographics. At the country level, the Knowledge SUCCESS East Africa Regional Team partnered with the Kenya Motion Tracker to develop infographics and a social media toolkit to allow stakeholders to easily share the Kenyan FP2030 commitments. These infographics contain essential information about a country’s FP2030 commitment distilled into a format that is highly visual and succinct. Information is summarized to present an easy-to-follow document that highlights a country’s main goals and strategies, at a glance. Countries have used these infographics during their in-country launch events to communicate their FP2030 commitments to the public. Furthermore, FP2030 focal points in-country have used these infographics to advocate with donors, government officials, and global partners.

Looking to the Future

Knowledge SUCCESS looks forward to its continued partnership with FP2030 across all regional hubs, and is excited about upcoming knowledge exchange opportunities to continue to share lessons learned and best practices not only in commitment-making, but also commitment implementation and the monitoring of progress. FP2030 commitments are a valuable tool for Governments, CSOs, and donors to engage in critical work to improve FP/RH in their respective countries with the support of a global partnership. 

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Brittany Goetsch

Program Officer, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Brittany Goetsch is a Program Officer at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. She supports field programs, content creation, and knowledge management partnership activities. Her experience includes developing educational curriculum, training health and education professionals, designing strategic health plans, and managing large-scale community outreach events. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The American University. She also holds a Master of Public Health in Global Health and a Masters of Arts in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies from The George Washington University.