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Archive: Oral Contraceptives Toolkit


Oral Contraceptives Toolkit

You have reached this page either from the main Toolkits Archive page or because you followed a link to a page or resource that used to be in a K4Health Toolkit. The Toolkits platform has been retired.

Birth control pillsOral contraceptives are among the most popular contraceptive methods in the world—used by more than 100 million women globally. Taken consistently and correctly, they are also among the most effective methods. This Toolkit contained resources chosen for their usefulness to help policy makers, program managers, service providers, and other audiences as they updated, expanded, or developed oral contraceptive services. This toolkit was originally created by staff of the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project.

Toolkit Alternatives

If you urgently require a specific resource from a retired Toolkit, contact toolkits-archive@knowledgesuccess.org.