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My Event Moved Online, Now What?

Adapting Knowledge Exchange Activities for Virtual Platforms

Are you suddenly moving an event or working group meeting to a virtual platform? Wondering how to adapt the in-person, participatory agenda you spent so much time planning?

Knowledge exchange, or peer-to-peer learning, is a powerful way to share best practices, reflect on lessons learned, and encourage collaboration. Many people think of “knowledge exchange” as synonymous with “face-to-face.” But you can still create meaningful connections and engaging conversations even when face-time isn’t possible.

Watch these videos to learn how you can move knowledge exchange activities to a virtual space. These are excerpted from a Knowledge SUCCESS webinar hosted on April 16, 2020.

Download the presentation slides

My Event Moved Online, Now What? Slide Presentation (Google Slides)

Part 1: General Tips for Virtual Events

Presented by Anne Kott, Communications Team Lead, Knowledge SUCCESS

Part 2: Hosting a Virtual Peer Assist

Presented by Sarah V. Harlan, Partnerships Team Lead, Knowledge SUCCESS

Part 3: Hosting a Virtual Knowledge Cafe

Presented by Anne Ballard Sara, Program Officer II, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Part 4: Doing Visual Brainstorms, Virtually

Presented by Brittany Goetsch, Program Officer, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Part 5: Q&A

The Q&A period of this webinar covered the following questions:

  • Can knowledge cafe be used for teaching college students?
  • Are there other platform options for hosting a virtual Knowledge Cafe if you don’t want to use Zoom?
  • Do any of these [visual brainstorming] platforms/tools integrate well with one another? Or with a centralized tool
  • Is there any guidance to help teams thinking about making a good match for a peer assist?

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Anne Kott

Team Lead, Communications and Content, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Anne Kott, MSPH, is the team lead responsible for communications and content on Knowledge SUCCESS. In her role, she oversees technical, programmatic, and administrative aspects of large-scale knowledge management (KM) and communications programs. Previously, she served as communications director for the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project, communications lead for Family Planning Voices, and started her career as a strategic communications consultant for Fortune 500 companies. She earned her MSPH in health communication and health education from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and bachelor's of arts in Anthropology from Bucknell University.