My Event Moved Online,
Now What?

Adapting Knowledge Exchange Activities for Virtual Platforms

By Anne Kott

Are you suddenly moving an event or working group meeting to a virtual platform? Wondering how to adapt the in-person, participatory agenda you spent so much time planning?

Knowledge exchange, or peer-to-peer learning, is a powerful way to share best practices, reflect on lessons learned, and encourage collaboration. Many people think of “knowledge exchange” as synonymous with “face-to-face.” But you can still create meaningful connections and engaging conversations even when face-time isn’t possible.

Watch these videos to learn how you can move knowledge exchange activities to a virtual space. These are excerpted from a Knowledge SUCCESS webinar hosted on April 16, 2020.

Download the presentation slides

Part 1: General Tips for Virtual Events

Presented by Anne Kott, Communications Team Lead, Knowledge SUCCESS

Part 2: Hosting a Virtual Peer Assist

Presented by Sarah V. Harlan, Partnerships Team Lead, Knowledge SUCCESS

Part 3: Hosting a Virtual Knowledge Cafe

Presented by Anne Ballard Sara, Program Officer II, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Part 4: Doing Visual Brainstorms, Virtually

Presented by Brittany Goetsch, Program Officer, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Part 5: Q&A

The Q&A period of this webinar covered the following questions:


  • Can knowledge cafe be used for teaching college students?
  • Are there other platform options for hosting a virtual Knowledge Cafe if you don’t want to use Zoom?
  • Do any of these [visual brainstorming] platforms/tools integrate well with one another? Or with a centralized tool
  • Is there any guidance to help teams thinking about making a good match for a peer assist?
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