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Meet Thiarra Diagne!

Knowledge SUCCESS’s new West Africa Team Member

Based in Dakar, Senegal, Thiarra Diagne joined Knowledge SUCCESS in December 2023 to support the project’s West Africa portfolio. She dove in immediately to collaborate on the 12th Ouagadougou Partnership Annual Meeting recap report, by helping to synthesize key insights from the conference. Since then, she has also supported planning and facilitating in-person and virtual workshops and other events in the West Africa region. We interviewed Thiarra to learn more about her background, what inspired her commitment to family planning and reproductive health, and what type of impact she’s looking forward to creating in this new role.

Tell us about your academic and career background?

With a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in project management, I have held support positions in various companies and projects. I have 8 years experience in projects. At FHI 360, I worked as a program assistant and technical program manager, supporting the technical teams in coordinating activities with partners, planning and monitoring the execution of deliverables.

What informs your passion for family planning and sexual and reproductive health?

As a woman, I am committed to improving the living conditions of women and children. And I see family planning as a springboard to achieving this great ambition for our communities, giving women the choice over their sexual and reproductive life, which gives them a certain autonomy in their day-to-day lives.

In March 2024, Thiarra co-facilitated a virtual knowledge management training with religious leaders based in West Africa. The training focused on using collaborative spaces and storytelling as knowledge exchange tools in faith-based family planning programs.

What are you excited about most in your role at Knowledge SUCCESS?

I’m learning a lot with the project, especially about the different tools and techniques of knowledge management, an innovative and cross-disciplinary practice that can be applied in various fields of activity. Their adaptation to different targets and contexts, and the results we can achieve in a collaborative, rapid and user-friendly way, impress me every day. And, on a daily basis, I find that I want to learn more and more. Bringing out people’s tacit knowledge, which we recognize is no easy task, seems so easy with knowledge management. It really is a beautiful science.

Any challenges you envision encountering in this role?

In this role, I anticipate challenges in implementing knowledge management techniques that are tailored to various activities and contexts. Additionally, leveraging knowledge management strategies to enhance understanding and achievement of family planning and reproductive health objectives may pose challenges. Moreover, facilitating effective knowledge sharing among peers or stakeholders within communities in our target countries is expected to require careful navigation and coordination.

Challenges may also arise in producing documents to share information, such as success stories, fact sheets, and blogs, as well as in determining the most effective methods for documenting and storing knowledge.

In January 2024, Thiarra supported an in-person Learning Circles cohort led by the Self-care Trailblazers Group and PATH Senegal around the theme, "Applying a self-care strategy to reproductive health in Senegal: What works, What doesn't?”

What sort of impact do you hope to make?

To be able to transfer knowledge and introduce different KM techniques to FP/RH partners, enabling them to use them in turn.

Anything else you would like to share?

I’m very happy to be joining the Knowledge SUCCESS team and look forward to learning a lot about knowledge management and acquiring new tools that will be useful to my work and the community.

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Sophie Weiner

Program Officer II, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Sophie Weiner is a Knowledge Management and Communications Program Officer II at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs where she is dedicated to developing print and digital content, coordinating project events, and strengthening capacity for storytelling in Francophone Africa. Her interests include family planning/reproductive health, social and behavior change, and the intersection between population, health, and the environment. Sophie holds a B.A. in French/International Relations from Bucknell University, an M.A. in French from New York University, and a master’s degree in Literary Translation from the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Thiarra Diagne

Program Assistant, West Africa regional Program Officer, Knowledge SUCCESS, FHI360

Thiarra Diagne is a West Africa regional Program Officer for the Knowledge SUCCESS project based in Dakar, Senegal. Thiarra holds a bachelor's degree in business management and a master's degree in project management. With over 8 years of experience in supporting various FP/RH projects and organizations. Along with the Knowledge SUCCESS project, Thiarra serves as an Program Assistant for Alive and Thrive at FHI360, where she was responsible for managing administrative tasks, overseeing contracts, and coordinating regional activities. Thiarra's meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensured the smooth operation of the projects under her purview. Prior to FHI360, Thiarra gained valuable experience as an administrative intern at Save the Children International, where she honed her skills in event organization, travel coordination, and office administration.