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Why We Do

What We Do

Helping FP/RH programs learn more, share more, do more.

Knowledge SUCCESS (Strengthening Use, Capacity, Collaboration, Exchange, Synthesis, and Sharing) is a five-year global project led by a consortium of partners and funded by USAID’s Office of Population and Reproductive Health to support learning, and create opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange, within the family planning and reproductive health community.

We use an intentional and systematic approach, called knowledge management, to help programs and organizations working in family planning and reproductive health collect knowledge and information, organize it, connect others to it, and make it easier for people to use. Because when people share what they know, and can find what they need, programs are able to reach their full potential and avoid repeating costly mistakes.

knowledge management

a strategic and systematic process of collecting and curating knowledge and connecting people to it so they can act effectively.

Three core pillars describe the work that we do:


Game-changing tools and approaches.

Behavior is at the heart of how we design and what we create. We use behavioral science and design thinking principles, and tools like automation software, to consider each person’s context and connect them to information and resources that are unique to their needs. All our knowledge innovations are created by and for FP/RH practitioners, and they blend proven KM methods with best practices in technology and user design.

Illustration of people from around the world exchanging knowledge

Meaningful and mutual connection.

Our regional teams work with partners to nurture lasting practices of learning and sharing that are authentic to where people are. With partners like Family Planning 2030 and the Ouagadougou Partnership, we help information flow between people, organizations, and countries so that they can share experiences and expertise. We’re training a generation of KM champions who will change the way FP/RH programs share knowledge.

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Relevant and easy-to-use technical content.

We serve as a trusted and authoritative source of information for FP/RH programs. The topics we cover are mapped to current program trends and practical needs. We use our platforms to amplify evidence and diverse experiences, and we present information in ways that are easy for people to digest and apply to their context.

USAID Missions and Regional Bureaus can buy into our project in support of their strategic investments.

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