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How Our Work Benefits

USAID Missions

Who we help

Supported by a five-year cooperative agreement (2019-2024), Knowledge SUCCESS can accept funds from any USAID Mission or operating unit, including those outside the health sector.

We help USAID Missions and Regional Bureaus achieve their country and regional development goals by strengthening capacity of regional bodies, intergovernment organizations, and others to find, share, and use knowledge. We work with local partners to support the following goals, and more:

  • Coordinate and collaborate within health systems
  • Accelerate scale-up of best practices
  • Capture and preserve institutional memory
  • Build and maintain a technical evidence base
  • Create opportunities for routine and meaningful sharing of knowledge
  • Improve relationships and networks between diverse stakeholders with common goals
  • Promote best practices and standards-setting
  • Integrate Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting (CLA) principles within programs

Do you have a challenge related to learning, knowledge sharing, or collaboration?

Are you interested in learning how knowledge management can help you achieve your RDCS and CDCS goals and support strategic investments? Contact our AOR, Lillian Bejnamin, or use our contact form. A member of our team will reach out to you.

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