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How to Write a Webinar Recap

A New Guide from Knowledge SUCCESS

So many webinars, so little time! We can’t always attend the many interesting webinars offered every week or watch a full recording afterward. And with many people preferring to consume information in a written format over watching a recording, webinar recaps are a quick knowledge management solution to address this challenge many of us in the FP/RH community face.

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For the Connecting Conversations series, which Knowledge SUCCESS produces in partnership with FP2030, recaps have been a key dissemination channel. Overall, the recaps have been read nearly as many times as the number of live webinar participants and YouTube views combined. Some recaps have had four times as many views as the YouTube recordings, and five times as many views as there were live participants at the webinar.

How to write a webinar recap: Flowchart thumbnail image

How to write a webinar recap: flowchart.

Writing and sharing webinar recaps on your website can expand the reach of your program. Read our Webinar Recap Guide for more tips and tricks on creating engaging and informative recaps, and print the flow chart for a quick reminder of “how to write a webinar recap” best practices.

Interested in more information?
Read some recent examples of our webinar recaps:

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Natalie Apcar

Program Officer, KM & Communications, Knowledge SUCCESS

Natalie Apcar is a Program Officer at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, supporting knowledge management partnership activities, content creation, and communications for Knowledge SUCCESS. Natalie has worked for a variety of nonprofits and built a background in planning, implementation, and monitoring of public health programming, including gender integration. Other interests include youth and community-led development, which she got the chance to engage in as US Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco. Natalie earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from American University and a Master of Science in Gender, Development, and Globalization from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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