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New Year, New FP insight Features

A Roadmap to Year Two on FP insight

More than one year after Knowledge SUCCESS launched FP insight—a knowledge exchange platform that is helping family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) professionals find, share, and organize resources for their work—the platform has grown to over 900 members, 2,000 cross-cutting FP/RH resources, and a wide range of new features. Leading up to the platform’s one-year anniversary, we surveyed users to hear what Year Two of FP insight should look like. As a new year begins, take a look back at the top four features added in 2022, and learn how you can vote on your favorite set of new features for 2023 on FP insight’s New Features Roadmap!

In 2022: You Voted, and FP insight Delivered!

Though a new year is upon us already, at FP insight we’re still riding high and reflecting on all of the exciting moments that 2022 brought to the platform. From onboarding an additional 400+ users, to partnering with the IBP Network to curate over 15 new collections for ICFP’s Implementation Track, 2022 was a year filled with knowledge sharing, growth, and invaluable community connections.

In mid-2022, we surveyed the FP insight community to get a clearer picture of what users want to see as the platform grows and evolves. We asked users to rank their preferences for seven new FP insight features—with a promise to launch the top requested feature later that year. Within the community responses, users highlighted a broad preference for updates that focused on resource curation and organization.

FP insight 2022 user survey
The ability to browse all FP insight Collections was the most requested new feature in the 2022 user survey.

With 2022 behind us, we’re excited to share that not only did FP insight deliver on users’ top requested feature, but in fact, went one step further by publishing the FP insight New Features Roadmap, which highlights over 30 great features— 12 of which were launched in 2022! The new features help users better organize resources, collaborate with colleagues, and improve platform usability.

And the best part?
The Roadmap is interactive and wants *your* input!

What's next in 2023? You decide! Click this image to cast a vote for your favorites.
Take one minute of your time to click the link and make your voice heard on your favorite new 2023 features!

There’s a lot to explore on the FP insight Roadmap, but today we want to highlight four of the most exciting new features we think you’ll love!

What’s New In 2022? Four Features to Enhance Your FP insight Experience

1. Browse All FP insight Collections

Through the Trending, For You, and Following FP insight newsfeeds, you can stay up-to-date on the most popular FP/RH resources on the platform, follow what your colleagues are sharing and saving, and find resource recommendations tailored directly to your FP/RH interests. But if you’ve ever wished that you could browse the entire FP insight collection of resources in one place (over 450 collections in total)—now you can!

The ability to browse all FP insight collections was the #1 user-requested feature, and we launched it in summer 2022. You can easily access this feature through the FP insight “Quick Links” drop-down menu in the header—even if you’re not signed in or don’t yet have an account. Just select the “Browse All Collections” option, which will take you to a new landing page where you can scroll through the hundreds of collections on FP insight, with the most recently updated collections at the top of the list.

Screenshot of FP insight with a circle over the Filter Collections button. The text pointing to that button says: "Narrow your search by region of thematic topic"
The new Browse All Collections page makes it easier to browse the many great Collections available on FP insight.

With easier access to FP insight’s Collections all in one place, your search for resources just got a few steps faster!

2. Organize Your Collection with Sections

The second most highly requested feature was the ability for users to add sub-folders within their own FP insight collections to better organize their resources. We call these sub-folders “Sections.”

As an FP insight user, you can organize your collections into Sections by topic, country, language, material type, or any other category you desire—the possibilities are endless! As an example, check out my “Advancing Equity Across FP/RH Programs” Collection, where you can find the Posts organized into three different sections by resource type: “Webinar Recordings,” “Research Articles,” and “Reports.” This helps me focus more quickly on a sub-topic of interest when I’m looking back for a specific resource that I’ve saved.

To get started with this feature, you’ll find an “Add a Section” button in every collection you create. Click the button, follow the prompts, and organize away! If you need more help, check out our Help Desk for step-by-step instructions and tips.

A screenshot of FP insight showing new features. There is an arrow pointing to a folder icon with a plus symbol. The text pointing there reads: "Add a Section." There is another circle around an icon with three dots. The text reads: "Click this button to move a post to a section"
You can find the “Add a Section” button on your Collection landing pages.

3. Share FP insight Resources via WhatsApp

In the age of smartphones and social media, we know that information sharing is happening in many different ways—via email, webinars, Facebook, LinkedIn—and, of course, WhatsApp! With more than two billion users around the world, WhatsApp is yet another great way for FP/RH professionals to communicate with colleagues, share resources, and even facilitate virtual discussion spaces for communities of practice and working groups. To meet users’ diverse communication needs, we added WhatsApp to the list of social media platforms that FP insight users can share posts and collections to!

To take advantage of this feature (whether you have an FP insight account or not), follow these two simple steps:

1) Click on the three dots in the top right corner of any FP insight Post or Collection that you wish to share, and select “Share this Post” or “Share this Collection.” (If you’re not logged into FP insight, make sure you scroll down the homepage to see the Trending Posts and Collections.)

2) Select WhatsApp (or any other social network that you want), and share away!

FP insight can share Posts or Collections to both WhatsApp Web and the WhatsApp mobile app.
FP insight can share Posts or Collections to both WhatsApp Web and the WhatsApp mobile app.

Don’t forget to encourage your colleagues on WhatsApp to join you on FP insight by signing up for an account at www.fpinsight.org!

4. Invite Colleagues Without an FP insight Account to Collaborate

Did you know that you can collaborate with other FP insight users on a collection, meaning you can all add Posts to a Collection and build your knowledge base together? For example, several of my Knowledge SUCCESS colleagues are collaborating on a Collection of resources on Equitable Knowledge Management. In one space, you can see all the resources that Lata Narayanaswamy, Reana Thomas, and Ruwaida Salem use in their work to make sense of what equity in knowledge management means, why it matters, and how to do it.

You can create collaborative collections with your colleagues too! Want to collaborate with a colleague who doesn’t have an FP insight account yet? Don’t fret: We have just the solution for you! Onboarding a colleague to a new platform can feel time-consuming, which is why our new “Invite” feature is here to help give you some time back in your busy day.

To add a collaborator to your FP insight collection, navigate to the “Edit Collection” button, and once on the Edit screen, search for your colleague’s name or email and select the yellow “Search” button. If a colleague doesn’t show up (because they’re not yet on FP insight), a new yellow “Invite” button will appear. Follow the prompts, or check out our Help Desk article for more details.

A vector graphic of an envelope being displayed on a computer monitor.
Use the new invite feature to search for and invite colleagues who are not yet on FP insight to collaborate on your Collection.

What’s Next in 2023? You Decide!

Don’t forget to check out the FP insight New Features Roadmap to learn more about these and other new features. We hope that 2023 will be an expansive year of FP/RH knowledge discovery and curation for you and your colleagues! As you journey into the new year, make sure your voice is heard by voting (it will take <1 minute!) on FP insight’s next round of new features focused on improving the user experience, making it easier to find and organize resources, and promoting collaboration and sharing. And be sure to set regular reminders to come share your new FP/RH learnings with us on FP insight.

A vector image of a ballot box with the word "vote" on it. The text underneath reads: "User Experience"
A vector image of a ballot box with the word "vote" on it. The text underneath reads: "Find & Organize Resources"
A vector image of a ballot box with the word "vote" on it. The text underneath reads: "Collaboration & Sharing"

Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you soon on FP insight!

Aoife O'Connor

Program Officer, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Aoife O’Connor is a program officer at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, where she serves as the programmatic lead for the FP insight platform through the USAID-funded Knowledge SUCCESS project. With nearly 10 years of public health experience in the sexual and reproductive health field, her primary interests include work centered on rights-based family planning, LGBTQ+ populations, violence prevention, and the intersection of gender, health, and climate change. Aoife holds a Master of Public Health and a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management from the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, alongside two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Gender & Sexuality Studies and International Studies.