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Injectables Toolkit

You have reached this page either from the main Toolkits Archive page or because you followed a link to a page or resource that used to be in a K4Health Toolkit. The Toolkits platform has been retired.

Illustration of hands holding an injectableThis Toolkit included information for health policy makers, program managers, and service providers about progestin-only injectables; combined (monthly) injectables; community-based access to injectables, an effective strategy for increasing access to injectable contraceptives; and subcutaneous DMPA (depo-subQ), a lower-dose formulation of DMPA that is injected under the skin rather than in the muscle. This Toolkit was originally created by the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project.

Toolkit Alternatives

If you urgently require a specific resource from a retired Toolkit, contact toolkits-archive@knowledgesuccess.org.