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Archive: Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings Toolkit


Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings Toolkit

You have reached this page either from the main Toolkits Archive page or because you followed a link to a page or resource that used to be in a K4Health Toolkit. The Toolkits platform has been retired.

During a humanitarian emergency, it is crucial to continue to provide essential healthcare services—including family planning and reproductive health services, There is a growing body of tools and guidance for providing reproductive health, family planning, maternal and child health, and other related services, including the prevention and treatment of HIV and other STIs as well as gender-based violence. This Toolkit provided both general service delivery resources and information tailored to the needs of specific populations such as youth and people living with HIV. The Toolkit also offered a collection of resources for incorporating gender considerations into emergency health systems, service delivery practices, the development of shelters, and more. This Toolkit was originally created by the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project.

Toolkit Alternatives

If you urgently require a specific resource from a retired Toolkit, contact toolkits-archive@knowledgesuccess.org.