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Doris Lamunu

Doris Lamunu

Program Manager, South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association

Doris Lamunu is a program manager at South Sudan Nurses and Midwives Association. She works as a capacity-building officer at AMREF South Sudan. Doris has over eight years of experience as a health officer, specifically on sexual and reproductive health, health system strengthening, health programming and implementation, medicine clinical practice, health tutorship, and HIV/AIDS counseling and testing. She is effective at advocacy and communication, result-oriented program design, delivery and management with particular emphasis on development of adolescent sexual and reproductive health (ASRH), and a trainer of trainees in ASRH and HIV/AIDS. Doris holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Clerk International University, an advanced diploma in Community Health, a diploma in Clinical Medicine and Public Health, and a postgraduate diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights from the Lund University. She is a member of the Global Academy, and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health at Texila University in Guyana.

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