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Stephen Kitsao

Stephen Kitsao

Disability Advocate and Journalist, Kupenda for the Children

Stephen Kitsao, paralyzed from the waist down at age 10, is now a prominent disability ambassador in Kenya. Through speaking engagements, videography, and journalism, he advocates for justice and inclusion for people with disabilities. He has served as the Rotary Club’s World Disability Club Chairperson for Kenya and participated in employment programs benefiting thousands of Kenyan students. Stephen's articles and videos on disability justice have been featured in various media outlets, including KUTV News and Rotary Club newsletters. His weekly show, "I Stand Able," aimed to change perceptions of disability. Stephen holds a diploma in Communications and Media Studies from Kenyatta University and is dedicated to his mantra of "service above self." Additionally, he has developed dozens of written and video articles on disability justice and inclusion and has actively contributed to NGO sensitization workshops.

Stephen on a motor scooter.