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N'ime akụkọ FP

N'ime akụkọ FP

A podcast exploring the details of family planning programming.

We made tremendous progress in the last decade to advance cutting-edge family planning frameworks, implement diverse programs, and expand the conversation on family planning funding within the health care system to meet the needs of women and girls, couples, and families. But much work still needs to be done. Learning practical ways to improve family planning programs often happens in casual conversations with peers and colleagues.

Were otu iko kọfị ma ọ bụ tii ma gee ntị na mkparịta ụka eziokwu gị na ndị ọkachamara mmemme atụmatụ ezinụlọ gburugburu ụwa na-ekerịta ihe rụpụtarala na ntọala ha - yana ihe ha ga-ezere - na usoro pọdkastị anyị., N'ime akụkọ FP.

There are many interesting stories and perspectives to hear in the family planning and reproductive health field. Every season, we’ll dive into pressing questions and explore innovative approaches and solutions, focused along a different theme.

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Currently featuring: Inside the FP Story – The Q&A Season

While we work on Season 4 of the podcast, which will launch in September, we are responding to some questions from our listeners!

Season Three: Gender Integration in Family Planning

Brought to you by Knowledge SUCCESS, Mmepe ACTION, yana otu USAID Interagency Gender Working Group, Oge 3 of the Inside the FP Story podcast explored how to approach gender integration in family planning programs. It covered the topics of reproductive empowerment, mgbochi na nzaghachi ime ihe ike dabere na nwoke na nwanyị, na mmekorita nwoke na nwanyi. Over three episodes, this season featured a variety of guests as they offer practical examples and specific guidance on integrating gender awareness and equality within their family planning programs.

Want to listen to Season Three episodes? Visit the Season Three landing page and catch up on the episodes you missed.

Season Two: Implementation Experiences

In this six-episode second season of Inside the FP Story, we collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) / IBP Network to explore issues around implementing family planning programs. Featuring six episodes, this season connects you with the authors of a series of implementation stories—published by the IBP Network and Knowledge SUCCESS. These stories offer practical examples—and specific guidance for others—on implementing high-impact practices in family planning and using the latest tools and guidance from WHO.

Want to listen to Season Two episodes? Visit the Season Two landing page and catch up on the episodes you missed.

Season One: Elements of FP Success

We began our podcast series taking you inside the stories of some of the most successful FP2020 countries. Join family planning experts from Afghanistan, Kenya, Mozambique, and Senegal as they discuss the details of family planning programs, how to integrate family planning into other health sectors, and how COVID-19 has impacted service delivery. Each episode offers new insights into best practices, nkuzi mụtara, and the continued challenges of working to reduce the barriers that restrict access to family planning.

Want to listen to Season One episodes? Visit the Season One landing page and catch up on the episodes you missed.

Why did we create this podcast?

In mid-2020, Knowledge SUCCESS hosted regional co-creation workshops for FP/RH professionals in Asia, Africa, and the US. Participants voiced a desire for new ways to learn and share practical lessons and experiences that they could access anywhere. A highly portable and short format, podcasts bridge the gap between traditional learning and the current pace of knowledge exchange.

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