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Interactive Site: Applications of HIPs in FP during COVID-19

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

The High Impact Practices in Family Planning (HIPs) are a valuable resource for family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) professionals because they document evidence-based FP practices, vetted by experts against specific criteria, into an easy-to-use format. The recently published Applications of the High Impact Practices in Family Planning during COVID-19 commentary outlines applications of the HIPs towards COVID-19 response efforts. 


Don’t have time to read the full article? View the interactive experience providing a snapshot of each key application outlined in the article, by HIP category.

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Interactive Site: Applications of HIPs in FP during COVID-19

The article drew upon preliminary COVID-19 data, documented experiences from prior health emergencies, and recommended program adaptations from a variety of partners. It provides a guide for how FP program managers might use specific to develop context-specific and evidence-based responses to COVID-19-related impacts on FP/RH, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the accessibility, availability, and continuity of FP services globally. 

The interactive site breaks down recommendations across the following HIPs:

  • Community Health Workers
  • Immediate Postpartum and Postabortion Care
  • Mobile Outreach Services
  • Drug Shops and Pharmacies
  • Social and Behavior Change
  • Policy
  • Financing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Health

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