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Hey Sister! Show Me the Mobile Money

That One Thing - The one FP/RH update you need to focus on this week

Dear Family Planning Champion,

Got a digital component of your family planning program? Digital literacy is key to success. Hey Sister!, an interactive voice response campaign from Strategic Impact Advisors, is designed to increase women’s ability to evaluate and use mobile finance resources. With better digital literacy, more people can access and use digital family planning resources and information.

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Hey Sister! Show Me the Mobile Money

Hey Sister! is available in 16 local languages and presented in 25 short lessons. Though particular learning resources have been tailored to users in Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda, anyone, anywhere can use and adapt the lessons. Users will learn basic skills such as how to open an account, perform transactions, use bill pay, and more. Listen to some of the lessons and learn how your family planning program can adapt the facilitator resources to improve digital literacy and expand the reach of digital health innovations.