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HOT4FP: Your New Health Workforce Tool

That One Thing - The one FP/RH update you need to focus on this week

Dear Family Planning Champion,

To deliver client-centered primary care and family planning (FP) services, especially during public health emergencies, it’s essential for program planners and implementers to use human resources for health (HRH) data to determine how to best configure their health workforce and services. That’s why the HRH Optimization Tool for Family Planning tool is our pick this week.

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HOT4FP: Your New Health Workforce Tool

The HRH Optimization Tool for Family Planning (HOT4FP), funded by USAID’s HRH2030 project, helps identify HRH bottlenecks at frontline health facilities. HOT4FP supports comprehensive planning and management of a more adaptive and diverse health workforce for achieving FP2030 goals, and is available to download in English and French.


We know that there are a lot of tools out there, and it can be hard to orient yourself and your team to new resources when they become available. HOT4FP has a simple User Guide to make this process easy for you. Read more about HRH Efficiency Challenges in this brief to understand how HRH challenges may be limiting the scope of your FP program, and how you can start using the HOT4FP tool to address that.