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PSI Blog Post on New Contraceptive Methods

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Dear Family Planning Champion,

For many women, choosing a contraceptive method depends on many factors, and their needs and preferences can change over time. Sometimes, it can be challenging to choose the “right” method based on different side-effects and needs from a contraception method. 


A recent blog post from Population Services International (PSI) explains how the contraceptive market could do a better job at making a wide variety of products available and gives examples of innovative contraceptive methods, redesigned to meet different user needs.

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PSI Blog Post on New Contraceptive Methods

USAID’s Expanding Effective Contraceptive Options (EECO) project, led by WCG Cares in partnership with PSI, promotes pilot introductions of emerging contraceptive methods in countries where they are new. Their recent blog shows the projects responses to three methods in need of redesign, and a brief overview of how they piloted their introduction: 


  1. A single-sized diaphragm
  2. A hormonal IUD with different menstrual effects
  3. The female condom


New product introduction plays an essential role in building contraceptive method mix to meet changing user needs and preferences throughout their reproductive years. Check out this quick read to learn more.