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Knowledge Management Moments at the 12th Ouagadougou Partnership Annual Meeting

Held on December 11-13, 2023 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, the 12th Ouagadougou Partnership Annual Meeting (OPAM) was a crucial convening of family planning and sexual and reproductive health and rights experts based in francophone West Africa. This year’s meeting focused on the theme, “Gender and Reproductive Health: Strategies for Social and Behavior Change for Youth.” 

Large regional conferences, like OPAM, are powerful platforms for knowledge exchange, and by using strategic planning to infuse these meetings with creative and innovative knowledge management approaches, we can elevate opportunities for sharing challenges, best practices, and lessons learned around priority family planning and reproductive health topics amongst key stakeholders. 

Keep reading for a round-up of our favorite “Knowledge Management Moments” at OPAM 2023.

Learning-from-Failure Session

Global health professionals often share their successes but are less likely to share their failures, especially with other projects and organizations. Sharing and learning from our failures in global health programs can enhance problem-solving, encourage innovations, and improve quality of care. To foster a culture of sharing failures at conferences and other events, Knowledge SUCCESS partnered with Breakthrough ACTION and Pathfinder Burkina Faso to host a parallel session at OPAM that shined a spotlight on family planning and reproductive health program implementation stories in the region that did not necessarily go as planned. Ida Rose Ndione, Health Program Manager and Interim Director of PATH Senegal and Hub West Africa, was awarded the “Best Failure” prize by OP Coordination Unit Director Marie Ba for her story describing PATH Senegal’s efforts to introduce Sayana Press in her country, and the challenges her team experienced.

Share Fair Side-Event Session

A share fair is a participatory event that is tailored to the specific needs of the participants and promotes learning from participants’ experiences to improve their work. In collaboration with ideas42, Breakthrough ACTION held a Share Fair with senior representatives from family planning departments, focal points, and civil society members, in conjunction with the OPAM. Participants explored various ways to apply Social Behavior Change beyond demand creation for successful high-impact family planning and reproductive health interventions and discovered key tools, including the Provider Behavior Ecosystem Map and Empathways cards.

Combining KM + Human-Centered Design (HCD)

As a member of the Ambassadors of HCD in francophone West Africa, Knowledge SUCCESS, alongside PATH, Ideas42, Pathfinder, MSI, Youth FP Ambassadors, and West African HCD practitioners, co-hosted a side event during OPAM focused on HCD and KM. HCD is the process of integrating human perspectives in all steps of the problem-solving process in order to better understand an issue by focusing on how it looks and feels to users within their environment and context. During the event, participants learned how to apply an HCD approach when developing innovative knowledge sharing tools that can be used to improve sexual and reproductive health needs and rights for youth and adolescents.

Newly Published!

The official recap report for the 12th Ouagadougou Partnership Annual Meeting (#RAPO2023) is now published. Co-developed by the Ouagadougou Partnership Coordination Unit and Knowledge SUCCESS, the report highlights key insights and top takeaways from the regional conference. Click here to read the report in French or English. And for even more resources, check out the conference FP insight collection.

Sophie Weiner

Program Officer II, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Sophie Weiner is a Knowledge Management and Communications Program Officer II at the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs where she is dedicated to developing print and digital content, coordinating project events, and strengthening capacity for storytelling in Francophone Africa. Her interests include family planning/reproductive health, social and behavior change, and the intersection between population, health, and the environment. Sophie holds a B.A. in French/International Relations from Bucknell University, an M.A. in French from New York University, and a master’s degree in Literary Translation from the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Aïssatou Thioye

West Africa Knowledge Management and Partnerships Officer, Knowledge SUCCESS, FHI 360

Aïssatou Thioye est dans la division de l'utilisation de la recherche, au sein du GHPN de FHI360 et travaille pour le projet Knowledge SUCCESS en tant que Responsable de la Gestion des Connaissances et du Partenariat pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest. Dans son rôle, elle appuie le renforcement de la gestion des connaissances dans la région, l’établissement des priorités et la conception de stratégies de gestion des connaissances aux groupes de travail techniques et partenaires de la PF/SR en Afrique de l’Ouest. Elle assure également la liaison avec les partenaires et les réseaux régionaux. Par rapport à son expérience, Aïssatou a travaillé pendant plus de 10 ans comme journaliste presse, rédactrice-consultante pendant deux ans, avant de rejoindre JSI où elle a travaillé dans deux projets d’Agriculture et de Nutrition, successivement comme mass-media officer puis spécialiste de la Gestion des Connaissances.******Aïssatou Thioye is in the Research Utilization Division of the GHPN of FHI 360 and works for the Knowledge SUCCESS project as the Knowledge Management and Partnership Officer for West Africa. In her role, she supports the strengthening of knowledge management in the region, setting priorities and designing knowledge management strategies at the FP/RH technical and partner working groups in West Africa. She also liaises with regional partners and networks. In relation to her experience, Aïssatou worked for more than 10 years as a press journalist, then as an editor-consultant for two years, before joining JSI where she worked on two Agriculture and Nutrition projects, successively as a mass-media officer and then as a Knowledge Management specialist.