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Cate Nyambura

Cate Nyambura

Global Partnerships Consultant, FP2030

Cate Nyambura is an international development expert and consultant specializing in program management, advocacy, research, and strategic partnerships. Her academic background is in biomedical research and public policy. Cate has worked on topics such as sexual and reproductive health and rights, family planning, women’s rights, young women’s leadership, adolescent health, HIV/AIDS prevention, care, treatment, and research for over a decade. Her work, borne out of student activism, transitioned into community organizing and currently involves working across the intricate linkages between grassroots organizing; national, regional, and global advocacy; programming; strategic partnerships management; and research as a consultant. Cate is the global partnerships consultant at FP2030. She is part of the program advisory board for the Strategic Initiative for the Horn of Africa, served as the chair for the regional activities working group for COFEM, and Board of Directors at the Ipas Africa Alliance. Cate is a 2019 Goalkeeper, a 2016 Mandela Fellow, Royal Commonwealth associate fellow, 120 Under 40 winner, and was named one of the five young African women changemakers to know in 2015 by This is Africa. She has been published in the Agenda Feminist Journal (2018 Edition), the Gender and Development Journal (2018 edition), and other global platforms.

mic The photo depicts The Kasha Fulfillment Center in Kigali, Rwanda. Kasha is an e-commerce company that enables confidential purchases of health care products, including contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and HIV oral self-test kits. The Kasha Fulfillment Center sells and distributes general beauty and over-the-counter health products. It also relays orders to pharmacies (e.g., for birth control and morning-after pills) for fulfilment and delivery in discreet packaging. The wall to the left in the photo is made of brick and is painted teal. It is lined with white bookshelves with various health and wellbeing products such as soup, shampoo, deodorant, and menstrual pads. There are two white tables in front of these shelves with a horizontal file folder, two computers and a printer on top. There are also two black chairs pushed in, in front of the white tables. A woman sits in the far back left corner of the photo at one of the computers. Another woman stands to the right of the tables and wears a grey t-shirt, jeans, and pink sandals. The wall in the right side of the photo is painted bright pink.
A vector graphic of women protesting holding up signs demanding Universal Health Coverage - UHC - and Family Planning/Reproductive Health services