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Diana Mukami

Diana Mukami

Digital Learning Director and Head of Programmes, Amref Health Africa

Diana is the Digital Learning Director and Head of Programmes at Amref Health Africa’s Institute of Capacity Development. She has experience in project planning, famolavolana, development, fanatanterahana, management, and evaluation. Koa satria 2005, Diana has been involved in distance education programmes in the public and private health sectors. These have included the implementation of in-service and pre-service training programmes for health workers in countries such as Kenya, Oganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, SÉNÉGAL, and Lesotho, in partnership with Ministries of Health, regulatory bodies, health worker training institutions, and funding organisations. Diana believes that technology, used the right way, contributes significantly towards the development of responsive human resources for health in Africa. Diana holds a degree in social sciences, a post-graduate degree in international relations, and a post-baccalaureate certificate in instructional design from Athabasca University. Outside of work, Diana is a voracious reader and has lived many lives through books. She also enjoys traveling to new places.

A landscape image of a village near the dry salt lake Eyasi in northern Tanzania. Fanomezana sary: Pixabay user jambogyuri
Lydia Kuria dia mpitsabo mpanampy ao amin'ny tobim-pahasalamana Amref Kibera.
Marygrace Obonyo showing a mother how to perform back exercises during pregnancy.
Tony Muzira, Filohan'ny Tanora ho an'ny Universal Health Care Africa: “Tokony hataon'ny governemanta ho tolotra tena ilaina ho an'ny tanora ny fampahalalana sy serivisy momba ny SRH, fa raha tsy izany dia mety ho voan'ny COVID-19 isika. ”