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Emily Hoppes

Emily Hoppes

Technical Officer (Product Development and Introduction), FHI 360

Emily Hoppes is a Technical Officer on the Product Development and Introduction team in the Global Health, Population and Nutrition group at FHI 360. Emily has more than 8 years of experience designing and implementing HIV prevention, menstrual health, and SRH programs across East Africa. In her role at FHI 360, she is contributing to the family planning strategy through management of the CTI Exchange and a variety of other activities, including work to better integrate family planning and menstrual health.

Youth ages 15 to 19, from socially and economically marginalized communities, attend a Pathfinder International training about adolescent sexual and reproductive health.
Gonoshasthaya Community Health Center (outside Dhaka). Gonoshsthaya Kendra (GK) provides health care and health insurance to undeserved populations in Bangladesh. Photo: Rama George-Alleyne / World Bank