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Sally A. Njiri

Sally A. Njiri

Senior Technical Officer-Family Planning/Advocacy, Jhpiego Kenya

Sally is a technical advocacy officer for the Kenya office. She possesses an expansive amount of experience extending over a period of 9 years in public and community health, with a keen interest in reproductive health, family planning services, nkwado, community health strategy, and HIV/AIDS care. Prior to joining AFP, she worked with the USAID-funded APHIA-PLUS Kamili Project (as a senior project officer) and other Jhpiego reproductive health projects, where she collaboratively engaged all major stakeholders to realize a massive program success. Sally has an excellent track record in capacity building for local/devolved government systems in Kenya through strong evidence-based advocacy for integrated family planning systems. She brings to her current position practical analytical and evaluation skills, with proficiency in assessing data and formulating solutions.

Klas Mbụ-Ndị na-ahụ maka ọgwụ na ndị na-ahụ maka nkà na ụzụ ọgwụ na-enye ọzụzụ na nhazi ezinaụlọ site na iji usoro ọmụmụ akwadoro ọhụrụ.