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Sam Mulyanga

Sam Mulyanga

Onye isi oru ngo, Jhpiego Kenya

With a background in information systems and public health, Sam Mulyanga leads the Advance Family Planning (AFP) advocacy initiative in Kenya. Prior to joining Jhpiego, Sam worked with Pact Inc.—a Washington-based nonprofit organization as an advocacy advisor. He was primarily assigned to an MSH-led civil society organizations’ institutional strengthening project dubbed “FANIKISHA” that operated within the USAID FORWARD initiative. Sam also worked with Family Care International (FCI) as a senior program officer where he engaged in advocacy efforts in Kenya and globally. He had a stint in the media besides working with several other development organizations to improve the lives of communities. N'ime 1996, Sam was a global winner of the United Nations-led essay contest on promoting responsible reproductive health behavior. He has published seven books in the area of sexuality, livelihood, and HIV and AIDS.

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