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Archive: Implants Toolkit


Implants Toolkit

You have reached this page either from the main Toolkits Archive page or because you followed a link to a page or resource that used to be in a K4Health Toolkit. The Toolkits platform has been retired.

Implants are a long-acting contraceptive method and one of the most effective reversible family planning methods ever developed. Despite their acceptability to women and their potential to significantly reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, they are underutilized. This Toolkit was developed to provide guidance and tools to update, expand, or develop implant service provision programs. Expanding access to implants with high-quality services helps fulfill women’s right to contraceptive choice and contributes to sustainable family planning programs. This Toolkit was originally developed by members of the Long-Acting and Permanent Methods (LA/PMs) Community of Practice with contributions from 23 international family planning organizations and programs.

Toolkit Alternatives

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