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Irene Alenga

Irene Alenga

Knowledge Management and Community Engagement Lead, Advocacy Accelerator

Irene is an established social economist with over 13 years’ experience in research, policy analysis, pengurusan pengetahuan, and partnership engagement. As a researcher, she has been involved in the coordination and implementation of over 20 social economic research projects in various disciplines within the Eastern African Region. In her work as a Knowledge Management Consultant, Irene has been involved in health-related studies through work with public health and technology-focused institutions in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi where she has successfully teased out impact stories and increased visibility of project interventions. Her expertise in developing and supporting management processes, pengajaran yang dipelajari, and best practices is exemplified in the three-year organizational change management and project closure process of the USAID| DELIVER and Supply Chain Management Systems (SCMS) 10-year project in Tanzania. In the emerging practice of Human Centered Design, Irene has successfully facilitated a positive end to end product experience through conducting user experience studies while implementing the USAID| DREAMS Project amongst adolescent girls and young women (AGYWs) di Kenya, Uganda, dan Tanzania. Irene is well-versed in resource mobilization and donor management, especially with USAID, DFID, and EU.

Ibu-ibu Sudan Selatan
Pelajar perubatan menghadiri persidangan Pelajar Perubatan untuk Pilihan, di mana mereka mempelajari amalan terbaik mengenai penggunaan kontraseptif dan pengguguran yang selamat. Kredit: Yagazie Emezi/Getty Images/Imej Pemerkasaan.
Ahli kelab remaja Muvubuka Agunjuse. Kredit: Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Imej Pemerkasaan