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Kirsten Krueger

Kirsten Krueger

Research Utilization Technical Advisor, FHI 360

Kirsten Krueger is a Research Utilization Technical Advisor for the Global Health, Population and Nutrition Group at FHI 360. She specializes in designing and conducting evidence utilization activities globally to accelerate adoption of evidence-based practices through close partnerships with donors, researchers, health policy makers, and program managers. Her areas of expertise include family planning/reproductive health, community-based access to family planning, population, health, and environment, policy change and advocacy, and capacity building.

several individuals fish farming in low tide water up to their ankles.
A trainer from Pathfinder International holding a male condom
A hand holding a male condom
Girls participating in a sexual reproductive health class
From the Scale-Up Community of Practice: A line of people awaiting services spirals around a courtyard. Filter by Prisma ("Golden Hour")