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Dr. Isabelle Bicaba

Dr. Isabelle Bicaba

Technical and Knowledge Management Advisor, INSPiRE initiative in Francophone West Africa

Dr. Isabelle BICABA is the Technical and Knowledge Management Advisor of the INSPiRE initiative in Francophone West Africa: “CLIENT-CENTERED INTEGRATED MNCH Care in West Africa”. Dr. Isabelle BICABA is a medical doctor, specialist in public health, with 24 years of professional experience in health administration and management of public health projects and programs. She is the technical and knowledge management advisor of the regional INSPiRE initiative in Francophone West Africa: “Client-centered integrated MNCH care in West Africa”. Dr. Isabelle BICABA is passionate about reproductive health, family planning and maternal, newborn and child health issues. During her years of professional experience, Dr. BICABA has worked and held positions of responsibility at all levels of the health system in her country, BF, such as District Medical Officer, Regional Director of Health, Director of Family Health. She has acquired solid experience in the development and implementation of health projects and programs and in team management. Dr. BICABA holds a Doctorate in Medicine from the Academy of Medicine of Kuban/ RUSSIA and a Master’s degree in Public Health/Health Administration from the National Institute of Public Health and Health Administration in Rabat, Morocco.

A mother holding her baby. Photo credit: Communauté de Pratique de la Planification Familiale Post Partum intégrée à la Santé Maternelle Néonatale et Infantile et à la Nutrition