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Côte d’Ivoire

Knowledge SUCCESS colleagues and session speaker captured with the director of OP, Marie Ba, during the Knowledge SUCCESS session.
mic Marie Ba speaking on RAPO2022 conference panel
mic Marie Ba speaking on RAPO2022 conference panel
A mother holding her baby. Photo credit: Communauté de Pratique de la Planification Familiale Post Partum intégrée à la Santé Maternelle Néonatale et Infantile et à la Nutrition
timeline A health worker provides injectable contraception to a woman in Nepal
Mazadou Abdou, Niger, November 2012: Haouaou Abdou, 52 years old, is the mother of 6 children. Her youngest son Issiakou, is 8 months old. Photo: UNICEF/Benedicte Kurzen. Published under Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-commercial, No Derivative Works) License
PHARE explored how programs can use existing and emerging technologies to reach young people with FP/RH information. Photo: PSI.