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pengajaran yang dipelajari

A group of African men and women sitting down. Photo credit: Neil Freeman for Alliance
Community members give feedback and respond to various questions around family planning, postabortion care, data, youth, disability, GBV, and supply chain commodities for family planning. Photo credit: Dr. Katanta Msole
Vineeta Rana, Faith Kaoma, Aman Chugh, and Joy Hayley Munthali (far right) sitting on a red carpeted stage at ICFP for a panel discussion hosted by the We Trust You(th) Initiative, Engender Health and the YP Foundation from India on partnering with youth. Thailand, 2022.
A group of people sitting at a table and having a discussion
A group of African people sitting in a circle
A teacher shows students condom use in an educational program to promote awareness of HIV/AIDS. Cambodia. Photo: © Masaru Goto / World Bank